What age group does the program suit? 

It caters for all ages as it's all about individual skill development at the players own pace. It is advised for parents and guardians to take an active interest and encourage young players positively at all times. 

How do I access the program?

Download the One2Pro app from the Apple app store. Create an account within the app and get the 1st module of skills for free to view. From there you can choose to view the skills videos only (coming soon) or work with a coach via the app. These options vary in pricing and are purchased or subscribed to in app only.

How do I communicate with my coach?

You upload your skill videos within the app module to the Coach, who will review each skill and provide a Gold, Silver or bronze score back via the app along with coach comments for each skill on what you have done well and what areas to work on for improvement. All Coach communications are through the app. See our youtube how to... videos for more.

Will the app work on a phone or device that isn't an Apple iphone?

No not at this time and for the near future. However we will be working to design the app for ipad and all mobile platforms as soon as we can.

Who are the One2Pro coaches? 

Founder Aaron Tighe who is an ex Premier League footballer with over 25 years of one to one elite coaching experience, heads up a highly qualified pro team across the globe


How often do I engage with the Coach?

Great question. The 12 modules are ideally designed to be practiced over 12 months, which means we suggest practicing a module to be the best you can be for a month before submitting to the coach. The expectation is that a coach will  review, score and provide feedback on the submitted module videos once or twice in a month depending on the players number of uploads.

What if I'm not happy with the Coach feedback?

We are here to give a great experience and provide honest and helpful coaching advice. Please email us at support@one2pro.global if that is not the experience.

I am a coach and would like this program for my players. What do I do? 

That's great, please read the coaches page for options, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

You mention promotion for players who score Gold for all 12 modules, being a 'Legend' and being promoted to Pro clubs, How does that work?

To score Gold across the whole program is not easy, it will take a lot of practice and we believe at least a 12 month period for those excelling. However there is no clock ticking, players can work at their own pace.  Through our global Pro Club contacts, we can help promote Legend level players based on the program performance. 

Do you offer coaching at physical locations? 

No, the program is purely online via the app.

Download the One2pro app from the Apple app store and view the 1st module skills for free.