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Can you do this? Henri..

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Watch here:

Beckham's getting a yellow card from the Ref. Players are distracted. Be sharp, be ready for a quick free kick out wide; it's the way the team play, move the ball quickly. Get a good body position on the edge of the United box. Utd's centre midfield cover is out of position. Stand on the blind side of the defender, behind him. Will need the element of surprise, it's all in the timing. The free kick is a short pass from wide to infield, to get us moving. Now burst forward and hustle to get in front of the defender to receive the ball. Lean back a little into the defender and use both arms to feel where he is behind.

It’s a simple and clever pass from our midfielder to feet and beautifully weighted, slightly on an angle, not straight, to keep it away from the defender. Let's try something special. Take a couple of steps towards the ball. Going to flick it up and side volley. Here it comes. Stab under the ball with the toes of the right foot. Nice pop up with back spin to the side. Perfect height. Now swivel around fast with the hips and connect with a right foot side volley. It needs lift and power to hit the far corner from here, as the ball will dip. Lean back a little. Bam! Connect with laces, keep toes forced out and punch through!

The ball launches upwards at pace and arcs ferociously into the far corner, just inside the post. The goalkeeper hasn't even got time to move. What a strike!

Henri's piece of magic made all the difference in this clash of the titans. A 1-0 victory to Arsenal. The goal is like a cheeky training effort, a "can I do this?" strike. It's the type of goal that a player with immense confidence in his ability will undertake. It's audacious in its sheer thinking and execution.


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Aaron Tighe

Founder One2Pro

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