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We dream of giving you the opportunity to learn pro football skills from anywhere in the world and the palm of your hand

Download, install and start your training today with the One2Pro app and join our community. Enjoy a seven day free trial now.

How it works

As a young boy playing on the street corners and local parks, Aaron Tighe, founder of One2Pro dreamed that one day a Professional Footballer or Coach would come to visit and show him skills and techniques that would help him become a Professional Footballer. How exciting would that be!


Bringing 92 Pro football skills
to the palm of your hand

If you want to learn basic football skill, our football training app / soccer training app is designed to guide you along and help you learn football skills for beginner all the way to an advanced pro level. As an online soccer training program, it brings online soccer skills direct to you. You can choose to:

a) simply view the skill videos and follow the instructions or, 

b) Work with a One2Pro football Coach online


Your gateway to mastering 
football skills

Your Coach will provide coaching feedback and commentary plus a Gold, Silver, Bronze medal for each skill review.

The 92 skills include basic football skills that need to be mastered with correct technique as well as challenging advanced techniques for those seeking to really impress and play at high levels


One & only platform for beginner to pro soccer

The skill videos and instructions are spread across 12 training modules and are designed to mirror a one to one coaching session in the physical world, with a key focus + some variety all captured in one module.

Via the One2Pro football skills app, be guided from easy football skills for beginners, to the Pro soccer skills you see from the top players and legends of the game

We bring everything that’s required to build you

Download, install and start
your training today
with One2Pro

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