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About Us

we dream of giving you the opportunity to learn pro football skills.

We are an online One2One football coaching program that takes a player to a pro level of technique.

As a young boy playing on the street corners and local parks, Aaron Tighe, founder of One2Pro, dreamed that one day a professional footballer or coach would come to visit and show him skills and techniques that would help him become a professional footballer. How exciting would that be!

One2Pro answers that dream by bringing 92 pro player skills and techniques to the palm of your hand, with coaching instruction and guidance available


  • View only the 12 modules containing videos of each technique with coaching instruction guiding you along (releasing soon).

  • Be the One by viewing the videos, practicing until you believe you have done you best, and uploading your videos for each module to your One2Pro Coach, who will comment, coach and score you with a Bronze, Silver and Gold medal.

  • Become a Legend by achieving a Gold medal score for all 12 modules, for the chance of promotion to professional clubs. 

  • Work directly with your school/club Coach if they are registered with One2Pro.

Of course, to achieve a pro level of technique, it is not easy.  It will take time to practice, listen to the coach instruction and be very determined to achieve higher levels. The program is designed to run over a 12-month period with the player working 1 module per month as a guide. It takes many years to develop pro level skills consistently.The Kick off module contains 4 skills to get you started, then each module contains 8 skills. The modules are designed as per a One2One Coach session in the physical world.

A focus on a particular area, combined with a mix of other skills.

​The basic skills a pro football club look for such as 1st touch, balance and passing technique are captured early in the modules and form the base. As the player moves through to the latter modules, the skills become progressively more challenging.

Up for the challenge?
Let’s get started!

Download, install and start your training today with One2Pro

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