For Players

Imagine an ex professional footballer who now coach's technique and skill laying out a personal program for you to follow, guiding you from the beginning and all the way through to an elite professional level. 

That's right! not coached in a group with other players, instead focused on your own skill improvement and  the magic is it's all from the One2Pro app on your Apple phone.

Select from  

a) Working at you own pace, follow written instructions on each of the 92 skills in the program.

b) Work directly with a One2Pro Coach through the 12 module 92 skill program. Watch each skill, follow the instructions and when ready upload your module of skills through the app to the coach. Your coach will review your videos, score via a Gold, Silver, Bronze medal and provide coach feedback for you to practice and improve.  

c) If your school/club is utilising/registered in the One2pro program, work with your own club/school coach.  

Become a 'Legend' in the program by achieving a Gold medal score for all 12 modules, for the chance of promotion to professional clubs.  


Of course, to achieve a pro level of technique, it is not easy.  It will take time to practice, listen to the coach instruction and be determined to achieve higher levels. The program is designed to run over a 12 month period with the player working 1 module per month as a guide. It takes many years to develop pro level skills consistently. 

Get started now - Visit the Apple app store and download the 1st module to view for free. View the how to..... videos at our youtube channel