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A Zidane Wow!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

The ball is rising high; reaching the peak of its force upwards from the cross. The noise of the crowd; the mass of figures, packed into the stadium backdrop, blur, as the player's focus remains only on one thing; the ball and it's trajectory. Visualise in an instant what is to happen: Adjust feet, adjust angle of body, adjust arms, balance and concentrate with laser like focus on the timing of movement to meet the ball with an arced laces volley.

It's subconscious thought, instinctive, brought to this moment through thousands of hours of practice and practice and practice again. The ball descends from its loop. Swivel left; arc the left foot, with toes pointed out, up and over an imaginary runners hurdle. With perfect timing ball meets laces. Control now; use the right arm for balance, extend it out like throwing a frisby and swivel back to the right, keeping the extended leg stretched out as long as possible. Perfect connection! The ball rockets towards the goal and ripples the top corner of the net.

It's a classic, the crowd erupt! Zinedine Zidane has just scored one of the greatest goals in Champions League Final history.

This was one of those moments when the sheer brilliance of the execution and importance of the occasion, makes it last long in the memory. As a player it was a technique that I loved and would practice over and over again with both feet, throwing the ball up high, watching it drop and timing the connection of the volley against a wall. It's a special strike of the ball, artistic in its feel.

Here's a youtube link to a post of the goal. Hope you enjoy the brilliance:

I'm delighted that we have included this brilliant skill in our One2Pro online coaching app and broken it down step by brilliant step for our players to follow and practice. 'Volley with laces' can be found in Module 9 (shooting focus). Download to view this and all skills for just <$8 ($us), or subscribe and work with your One2Pro Coach on all 92 skills. FREE TRIAL now available.

Be The One!

Aaron Tighe

Founder One2Pro

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