Can you spot the Jack Grealish skill from a legend?

It's a freezing cold November night. I turn up my collar. I'm sat high up in the Stoke City grandstand, settling in to watch the Club I've just joined on loan: Leicester City, play Stoke City in a league game. David Pleat, the manager, has included me in the 1st team squad. Suddenly I feel a presence on my right shoulder, as a gentleman sits next to me. As I turn my head and look to acknowledge him, I look into the face of a legend. Sir Stanley Matthews nods, smiles and looks ahead, ready for the game. It’s not every day you are in the presence of such a truly historical figure.

Fast forward to 2021 and I'm watching Aston Villa's wonderful creative player Jack Grealish, tease defenders with a one v one technique that's very familiar. From a standing position, he taps the ball with the inside of his right foot, moving diagonally to the defender, before dropping his left shoulder, skipping to the left and flicking the ball with the outside of right foot, shifting balance back to his right foot, and on to whip in a dangerous cross.

It's a brilliant, highly effective move, that takes a lot of practice to get the control and timing right. Once mastered it will be a favourite in the kit bag for elite players. One of the original masters was that legendary man I sat with, Sir Stanley Matthews.

Here is some fantastic old footage on youtube. Watch out for the technique I mention. It's also one of the skills we have broken down in Module 11, 'Diagonal tap, inside, outside' in the One2Pro app. As for Jack Grealish, well what an impressive creative player he is. One of those special players that runs and changes a game. Highly recommend checking out compilations for his skills on youtube.

Stanley Matthews ● The best of the Legend

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Have fun, happy playing!


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