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Reiss Nelson Arsenal Rocket!

Updated: Jul 16

HIGHLIGHTS: Arsenal v Bournemouth | Premier League (2min 30 sec in)

1st Person View

The Emirates stadium roar of anticipation is intense. 96 minutes 52 seconds are gone. From 2-0 down, we're back to 2-2. The left foot corner from the right wing swings in towards the six yard box. It's crowded in there. No-one marking me, edge of the box, on the D; strange but I'll take it. Keep the space, stand still. If this ball clears to the edge, it could land nicely for a shot.

A Bournemouth head gets to the cross first. He's deflected it. It's looping high, yes towards the edge, towards me. I was invisible but not now; all eyes turn. I see the defenders start their sprint towards me, but that's in peripheral vision, as the ball is the focus.

Choice: Take it high on a volley or bring down. There's time, still 8 yards or so to the nearest defender. Choice made, Chest it down fast. The ball drops too straight. Touch the ball before it hits the ground, right foot across the body, for more space and a left foot strike.

No time, they're on me. Can see the right corner of the goal through a channel of defenders. Shoot fast. Adjust feet, keep toe down, connect with laces as the ball bounces and follow through firm. Whoosh! The ball fly's towards the corner, smashing into the net. Emirates erupts!

What a dramatic goal for Arsenal. Chasing the Premier League title. 2-0 down at home and coming back for a last minute extra time winner. And what a technique shown by Nelson under immense pressure. His calmness and awareness to bring the ball down, to then strike was amazing. As a player having the awareness of how much time you have, and where to take the ball to give you extra space is a real skill. Nelson demonstrated this perfectly here. Add to that his chest control and half-volley technique, striking straight through the middle of the ball on the bounce was exceptional.

That’s a goal that will live long in the memory for Arsenal supporters


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