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Richarlson Overhead Beauty!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Video at youtube Goal is 1min 17 seconds in.

1st Person View:

Occupy the two defenders, centre edge of the box. Play between them. Vinicius is receiving the ball wide left and will take on his player. Get ready for a cross.

Here he goes, dribbling at them. They're backing off, dropping, dropping. he's inside the box. Stay back from the two defenders, keep space for a cut back cross. On the penalty spot now. Vinicius sees the pass. Nice! Outside of his right punching the ball across the box away from the defenders.

Adjust feet to control the ball, as its coming slightly behind at pace. Lift the left foot for an instep control. Connect; The ball is high and behind; Can feel the defenders closing around. No time to bring the ball down, an overhead kick is the best option. Spin fast on the left foot. Need to meet the ball at its highest point. Jump off the left foot, dropping the left shoulder and body towards the ground fast to raise the right foot laces high to meet the ball. The right leg arcs above an imaginary hurdle.

Force the toes out on the right foot to connect smooth with the laces. Direct towards the centre-right of the goal. Thud! The strike is clean and powerful. The ball rockets past the Goalkeeper. The crowd roar, a cacophony of sound. It's one of the great World Cup goals, and from the creative spirit of Brazil no less.

Richarlson's ease of technique for this goal is amazing. Arguably his touch wasn't good off his left foot, which sent the ball high. His decision and then execution on the overhead kick, showed someone who has done this hundreds and maybe thousands of times before. It was instinctive. The thinking is all split second, sub-conscious like.

This would be fun practice for him and something he'd have tried and executed throughout his childhood and into pro football. As a practice, you can throw the ball up in the air behind you and work on spinning to connect on the laces, as I've laid out in the steps of the story above.

What a beauty!


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Be The One!

Aaron Tighe

Founder One2Pro

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