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Salah - What's everyone talking about?

Updated: Jul 16

When a player consistently produces magical solo goals like this one against Man City in the Premier League; the watching world simply has to go wow! Comments of "Best player in the world" "the new Messi" reverberate in newspaper, magazine and TV headlines. And no wonder.

Watch here:

Every angle of Mo Salah's stunning solo goal against Manchester City

Five Beautifully crafted individual skills form this wonder goal. Let's break them down.

1. Awareness - Watch how Salah is aware of his position to find space. He virtually stands still when he knows he's positioned well. With a flick of his head, he confirms this, seeing that he's in between two defenders.

2. Prepare to turn - He feels and knows his time is zero as the ball arrives and twists his body sideways to turn, shielding the ball from rushing defender trying to nick the ball.

3. Dummy pass – Salah opens his body to pretend to pass inside to Henderson, which you see the City no 20 slide to block, but the inside ankle roll onto his right foot is sublime control.

4. Outside Inside – Now attacking inside the box at speed, watch how he pushes the ball with the outside of his foot, before quickly, snapping it back across the defender with the inside of his foot. Also note where his eyes are looking; not directly at the ball but ahead at the defender.

5. Finish – Not easy. He's at a small stretch with pressure raining in, so has to keep very composed. Watch the standing foot as he strikes, it's slightly behind the ball. That means it's easy to get under the ball and lift it high. However, he know to keep the toes down hard on the shooting foot for a flush connection on the ball

What an exciting talent on the world stage Mo Salah is. Speed, composure, footwork, determination and strength. That's world Class!


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Aaron Tighe

Founder One2Pro

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