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2/3 Of The World Is Covered By Water – The Rest By Kante!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

This is a fantastic compilation of N'Golo Kante clips on youtube. WHO? N'Golo Kante is destroying everyone in 2021

As a Central midfield player myself, my appreciation for Kante's talent is 10/10. He has won Premier League's with Leicester, Chelsea, a world cup winner medal with France and last week a Champions League winner medal. Now that's a collection! Who said you need to be tall to play centre midfield? Kante measures 168cm / 5ft 5.


Statistician Opta rates Kante as in the top 10 fastest players in the Premier League; at 34 km per hour. That places him the same as Vardy, Pogba, Mane. Wow! no wonder he covers the ground so quickly to tackle and recover in the centre of the park.

It's not just strikers and wide players who require pace. If you're going to play at the top level, you'll need to compete at Kante's level of pace. You may not have to be the quickest over 100 meters, however you will need to be super sharp over 10.


The thing I love about Kante's defending is that he just simply puts his foot in. It doesn't matter what angle he's coming from: front, behind, side. He simply sees the ball, nicks and tackles. He's disrupting, making it hard to play against. If you want time on the ball watch out, he's going to be around you nibbling, scrapping. If he misses 1st time, he keeps going and with his pace you just can't get away from him. If you want to be a great defender know matter what your position is, learn from this. Nobody wants to play against this type of player and so that should be you.


There are some fascinating stats for Kante in the Premier League. One that stands out for me is his Duels win/loss comparison. It's almost identical at 1036 v 1033. Amazing right! I mean if he's so good, shouldn’t he win more than lose? What I take from this, is his perseverance and consistency to compete with the best central midfielders. Coaches love consistency, knowing what you are going to get week in week out. Stats here:'Golo-Kant%C3%A9/stats


As a central midfielder you have to have quality passing technique. Kante can play short and long. He doesn't dwell on the ball. He wins and releases quickly, keeping his team on the move at pace. His awareness of where players are around him is a highlight, so that once again he can move the ball quickly when he receives the ball or wins in a tackle.

If you are a young player wanting to learn. Take your time and study this great player. At your next training session be the hunter around the ball. Put your foot in and disrupt. Learn what works and doesn’t and if you don't win first time, keep biting at the ball.


The use of video with a Coach review is fantastic in honing skill and performance.

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Be The One!


Aaron Tighe

Founder One2Pro

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