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Cahill’s Rocket!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

20 minutes gone, Holland just scored. The crowd noise in the Brazilian stadium is electric.

We’ve picked the ball up in the centre circle. Bresciano’s in control. Find space and play on the last central defender who’s dropped deep, about 30 yards out. Turn and move towards him. Bresciano passes it forward to the right. Move to the blind side of the last defender, and keep some space away from him. The ball has made it to McGowan on the inside right channel. He’s shaping to cross from deep, first time. Stay blind side from the deep defender, 25 yards out. McGowan‘s hit it; The ball’s got a long way to travel; it’s high. Drift forward; watch the flight; watch the trajectory.

The defender behind comes in front, running across and under the ball. He’s misjudged it to head away, and is now goal side of where the ball will land; inside the box on an acute angle to the goal.

Controlling the ball on the left foot as it comes over the nearest defenders head is an option, but he and the central defender are coming in close. No time, lets hit it, take a chance, no loss. Stay in stride; Let the ball drop low; Now connect with the left foot laces, keeping the toes down with a strong punch action under the ball, towards the goal. The ball rockets forward, rising above the goalkeeper, before he can get his hands up; smashing off the underside of the bar and into the net.

What a goal! One of the truly great World Cup Goals. Australia’s Tim Cahill is one of only a few who has scored in 3 separate World Cup finals, including the likes of Lothar Matthaus, Roberto Baggio, Diego Maradona and Robin van Persie. An amazing feat for someone who only became an International at 24 years old.

A volley technique of this beauty is so hard to master. The ball has travelled a long distance. All of your timings have to be perfect, from the run to get in position, to the body shape, the taking of the ball in stride, the connection on the ball at just the right time and place.


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Be The One!


Aaron Tighe

Founder One2Pro

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