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Ronaldo’s choice. What would you do?

Updated: Jul 16

Clean through on goal. Look up at the keepers’ position. He's coming out to the edge of the box, narrowing the angle.

Ronaldo Brazil Legend ● Best Goals (1min 50 in)

Choices: shoot hard, pass it around him, do a leg-over or feint right with a shuffle. Decision made: shuffle it is. Feint to move the ball to the left of the keeper with the outside right foot but miss it. Land the right foot in the grass outside a shoulder length. Eyes on the keeper movement; he's bitten and moved to his left. Now feint to take the ball with the outside left foot to his right. Same move, miss the ball and land the left foot in the grass a shoulder length away from the ball. Eyes still on the keepers’ movement; He's off balance, trying to move to his right. Ok final step, bounce back off the left foot and push the ball across the keeper. He's gone, falling backwards; can't cope with the speed and change of direction. Easy! Roll the ball into the empty net.

Ronaldo makes it look easy

This technique, playing for Milan is one of many in Ronaldo's repertoire. You'll see him in one on one's with goalkeepers, sometimes open up his body and drag it around, or pass around them, or select a double leg-over. This particular shuffle of the feet behind the ball is virtually the same as the double outside foot leg-over skill; the difference being its easier, faster and less error prone, as the feet stay behind the ball. This is a classic demonstration of the technique.

When you watch the great Ronaldo's goals: his power, incredible speed, balance, quick feet and control of the ball make him almost unstoppable. No wonder he became the world Cups' No.1 leading scorer of all time with 15 goals for Brazil, and carved out a stellar career with PSV, Barcelona, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Corinthians. A true legend.


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Aaron Tighe

Founder One2Pro

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