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Saka - How to Feel the ball!


 At 2min 23 seconds into this video collection watch how Saka, on the edge of the box, faced 1v1 with the defender, teases the defender to jump in by tapping the ball with the outside of his left foot. See how he then keeps the defender guessing with a fast outside left foot leg over. Notice how its not a full movement of the body, just a quick sharp movement of the foot over the ball and into the grass.  Watch how much the defender has to shift his body to block the anticipated cross as Saka is moving him with inside outside ball control, to find the opportunity instinctively to move the ball the opposite way to cross. 


This is a demonstration of wonderful balance and control of the ball, with a real feel of the ball at your feet.  Saka’s combination of this skill with an electrifying burst of speed is why he is a top international.  



  • Watch the One2Pro app module 6 - inside outside same foot, and for advanced skills module 11 – diagonal tap skills.  

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