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Fernandes Free Kick - The Steps

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

5-man wall covering the left side of the goal. Teammates and tall timber Maguire and Pogba strategically standing to the right of them; helping to block the view for the goalkeeper, positioned almost centrally on the goal line. Choices: right foot whip/bend up and over the wall to the top left corner or drive with less bend to the right, the goalkeepers side. Decision made! Pogba is the target; he'll duck, creating confusion for the keeper, drive to the right corner it is.

A mental run through of the technique to use: don't use a run up, just one solid step to place the left standing foot in a good position next to the ball, a slight angled approach, bring left arm/hand from hip out for balance as power through with instep, need lift to get over Pogba, so lean back a little, hit the bottom part of the ball. Mental check done, now do, execute!

2 seconds later the ball rustles in the bottom right corner of the goal. It's a measured strike, enough height to go above Pogba with some dip and spin to bring it down fast, with power. Fernandes has just scored the winner for Manchester Utd versus Liverpool in the FA cup tie. He seized the moment!

Free Kicks around the box are such an exciting part of the game. It's a game of cat and mouse that the taker plays. You eye up your options, calculate your best opportunity based on the positioning of the defenders and goalkeeper, then click into your mental state of technique to use and execute. It's split-second thinking relying on your instinctive brain learning from hundreds/thousands hours of practice.

I recall scoring a free kick for Leicester City versus Leeds at Elland Road once, left footed up and over the wall to the top right corner, past the outstretched fingers of the goalkeeper John Lukic. When I watch goals like the Fernandez one, it brings me back and I can feel the process and steps you take to create the magic, it’s a special feeling when it hits the net, artistic success.

I'm delighted that we have included various striking the ball techniques in our One2Pro online coaching app and broken them down step by brilliant step for our players to follow and practice in Module 9 (shooting focus). Download to view all skills for just $9.99 (Aus) or subscribe and work with your One2Pro Coach on all 92 skills. FREE TRIAL now available.

Check out the Fernandes goal on youtube

Be The One!


Aaron Tighe

Founder One2Pro

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