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MBappe - How it's Done!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Fast break away

Barca's 3 defenders are running backwards to the edge of the box, grouping together to protect the centre. Stay wide now, on the left side of the box. Keep the space open. Slow down, create an angle to receive the ball.

Yes! Here it comes, the ball passed out on the angle. Choices: 1) Take it in stride with a touch across body using an inside right foot touch into the box? It's doable, but the pass is a little slow and will give the defenders some time to close in. 2) Take it early, catch the keeper out with a 1st time bend into the far corner. It's a tough technique, will have to be perfect, but confidence is high, being on a hat-trick.

Ok, shape the body. Left shoulder side on to the goal, chest facing the ball and across the box. Place the left foot solid in the ground, just ahead of the ball contact position. Going to bend it, so twist the right foot out for a flat side foot passing style surface.

Lean in; need to control the power and height. Punch the side foot through the ball, short motion, small follow through. Use the pace and direction of the moving ball to re-direct it outside of the far corner post; Why? Because the bend will bring it back inside the post. Connect!


Off the ball goes at pace; now with side spin. The Barca goalkeeper stepping forward to start to narrow the angle is taken by surprise. There is no way he can adjust. The ball fly's in its spinning arc, smashing in to the top right corner of the net, just inside the post. Perfect execution.

And so it was, that the young French, Paris St Germain superstar: 'Kylian Mbappe', hit his hat-trick in the Champions League against Barcelona this week. Up against the maestro Messi and Co, he stamped his mark as one of the brightest young superstars in world football. Already a world cup winner, many further great achievements lay ahead.


The technique used by Mbappe for this goal was so brilliantly executed, it was made to look easy. However, controlling the direction and pace of a shot when the ball is coming towards you is anything but easy. It takes focus, and as explained above, you need to get the shape of the body right and feet positioned perfectly. Then it's down to timing and judgement of control.

There are not too many players who will take on a shot like that 1st time. An error, and teammates/ Manager will be saying "why didn't you take a touch?" However, it is up to the vision and confidence of the player in the moment to decide on execution. Get it right and you’re the hero!

Practice for this technique is best done with someone passing the ball to you on the corner of the box and literally repeating the skill of bending the ball into the far corner 1st time. That can be a goal or a wall or whatever can act as a target. Try 20 a day and see what % you hit well. Then keep practicing and improving.

you can see the goal at 3.28min here:


The use of video with a Coach review is fantastic in honing skill and performance.

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Be The One!


Aaron Tighe

Founder One2Pro

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